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Behavioral Management

At Scottsdale Academy, children gain independence and self-control by learning to trust others and by learning the appropriate ways to take initiative while respecting other people. In our preschool program, children are encouraged to make decisions, use reasoning skills, practice listening, explore their environment and express, understand and handle their feelings. They are also guided to expand their attention by choosing to preserve specific tasks for specific times.

We focus on helping our young children experience self-esteem, exhibit positive attitudes, and demonstrate pro-social behavior. Our teachers achieve this by encouraging the children to help each other, giving them words they can use to express how they feel, and encouraging cooperation instead of competition.

Oftentimes, when a child is misbehaving, teachers are able to redirect the child’s interests onto another activity. This technique works especially well with very young children.

Should a Scottsdale preschool child become emotionally and/or physically out of control, it may be necessary to remove the child from the stressful situation. This is usually no longer than a few minutes, or else they will forget the reason they were removed. This should not be considered a time-out to punish. Allowing a child to withdraw to a quiet place may be all he/she needs to regain self-control. Once the student is calm, teachers can explain the positive replacement behavior that is desirable for the child to practice.

Our teachers encourage parent-teacher conferences to be able to share information, ideas, and progress regarding each individual child. When it comes to early childhood education in Florida, communication between the parent and teacher will almost certainly be seen in the child’s social and emotional development.

Children are not subject to discipline that is severe, humiliating, or frightening. We do not allow discipline to be associated with food, rest, or toileting. Spanking or any other form of physical punishment is prohibited at our infant care and preschool facilities.