Themes And Units – Preschool

Scottsdale Academy utilizes Beyond Centers and Circle Time® Curriculum, and we supplement with lessons from a character development curriculum – including the Kindness Curriculum® or the I Love You Rituals®. The Beyond Centers and Circle Time® Curriculum is based on goals and objectives that are age appropriate.

Our preschool lesson plans have weekly, engaging theme-based activities. This chart outlines the themes we use that promote early childhood development.

Month Theme Holiday Color Shape Letter
January Birds in My Neighborhood Purple Hexagon Zz, Qq, Ww, Kk
February Amphibians and Reptiles Valentines Day Dark Green Pentagon Vv, Bb, Oo
March Animals that Live in the Jungle Yellow, Orange Octagon Jj, Nn, Gg, Zz
April Oceans and Ocean Life Easter Blue Oval Dd, Pp, Uu
May Insects and Spiders Mother’s Day Shades of Green Rectangle Ss, Rr, Yy
June Authors and Illustrators Father’s Day Rainbow All Shapes All Letters
July America the Beautiful Red, White, Blue Circle, Square Straight Line
August Summer Fun / Back to School Blue, Yellow, Red Wavey
September Me and My Family Brown Circle Mm, Aa
October Fairy Tales Halloween Orange, Black Triangle Tt, Hh, Ee
November The Farms and the City Thanksgiving, Community Helpers Orange, Yellow, Red, Brown Square Ff, Ll, Ii
December Baby It’s Cold Outside Holidays White & Shades of Blue Octagon Bb, Ww, Cc, Hh